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Skincare by Skin Type: Sensitive

The most comforting thing for skin that’s easily irritated are mild, nourishing formulas designed to help calm redness and itchiness. Ingredients that are fine on other people’s skin can cause flare-ups; even within the clean, non-toxic space, certain essential oils can cause problems. In conventional products, there are often masking fragrances (fragrance is incredibly irritating) even in sensitive-skin products that claim to to be scent-free; conventional chemical SPFS, even in hydrating “daily” moisturizers and foundations, contain some of the most irritating chemicals in the beauty industry, so going totally clean and non-toxic can make an enormous difference. Dryness is itself an aggressor and increases sensitivity (a cracked surface allows irritants to penetrate skin)—so hydrating cleansers packed with barrier-fortifying fatty acids and vitamins are important, as are replenishing serums and oils spiked with soothing botanicals. Moisture masks can be wonderful for sensitive types, but only you know what your skin can best tolerate.