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Skincare by Skin Type: Oily/Combo

If your skin is oily, it’s also very likely dry or even sensitive; different zones of the face produce varying amounts of oil. Formulas that contain balancing ingredients like soothing aloe and detoxifying charcoal are ideal for oily/combination people. Hydration can be just as important here as it is for dry skin, though of course, heavy, occlusive creams and oils can cause problems. But super-drying cleansers, toners, and treatments can actually cause skin to produce more oil, not less, in reaction to the surface dryness. By the same token, cleansing with or applying something lightly moisturizing often helps resolve excess oil production. Masks and peels containing natural chemical exfoliators (as opposed to harsh physical scrubs) like alpha and beta hydroxy (salicylic) acids clear pores and get rid of both oil and dead skin cells; spot treatments containing blemish-discouraging ingredients, from clays to oils to acids, can make a serious difference, too.